Natural remedies for amenorrhea

Amenorrhea treatments

Amenorrhea treatments using natural resources are effective and safe. In this article, we will discuss different approaches to natural treatment for amenorrhea. If you’re suffering from amenorrhea, the symptoms can be discomforting and can, at times, be painful as well. However, the condition is completely treatable, and it’s critical that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Generally, allopathic drugs are prescribed for treating this condition, but they don’t work for everyone, and they can include side effects as well. If you’re looking for amenorrhea treatments, you can opt for a natural approach. There are various natural remedies for amenorrhea that can provide excellent results without any negative consequences.

Amenorrhea Treatments
The need for treatment depends on. Underlying causes. Need for regular periods. Trying to conceive (fertility. Need for contraception)

Amenorrhea – Definition

If you have an absence of menstruation despite not achieving menopause, not being pregnant, and completing puberty, its diagnosed as amenorrhea. There are two forms of amenorrhea: primary and secondary. If you’re late in achieving periods for the first time, its diagnosed as primary amenorrhea. Generally, the age range is from 14-16 years of age. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing a lack of period for three or more months, it’s known as secondary amenorrhea.

Typically, amenorrhea isn’t a serious concern and is completely treatable. But for an effective remedy, it’s essential that you get to the root of the problem. You can consider an amenorrhea natural treatment for a more holistic approach.

What Are the Symptoms of Amenorrhea?

The absence of period is the primary symptom of amenorrhea. It can often be an indication of a larger health issue or condition. Other than this, you can also suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Milky fluid or discharge from your breasts
  • You can also notice size changes in your breasts.
  • Hair loss
  • Extra facial hair
  • Nausea
  • Vision changes
  • Headache

If you notice any of these symptoms, you must consult your doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you start treatment, the better the results. There are various natural amenorrhea treatments that can help reduce the symptoms and cure the condition without any side effects such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal remedies. You can consider them if you’re averse to the idea of possible side effects.

What Are the Causes Of Amenorrhea?

For primary amenorrhea, the main causes are lifestyle, genetics, and family history. The under-mentioned factors will also put you on a higher risk for primary amenorrhea:

  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Extreme exercise
  • Eating disorder
  • Extremely underweight or overweight
  • A chromosomal or genetic disorder
  • Family history of early menopause or amenorrhea

On the other hand-menopause, breastfeeding, and pregnancy are the primary causes of secondary amenorrhea. Some other factors can also cause it, such as:

  • Uterine scar tissue
  • Hypothalamic disease
  • Issues with your pituitary or thyroid gland
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Radiation and chemotherapy treatment
  • Some medications for blood pressure or depression can also cause it.
  • Birth controls like intrauterine devices, injections, and pills can interfere with your menstrual cycle and cause secondary amenorrhea.

You must get to the root of your problem. For many women, natural treatment for amenorrhea has proven to be safe and beneficial.

Natural remedies for amenorrhea


There are various natural amenorrhea treatments that can help you recover from the condition without any side effects. They are not just safe, but their effectiveness is backed by science as well. The list of natural treatments for amenorrhea includes acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal and ayurvedic remedies, and more.

Acupuncture – Ancient Chinese Amenorrhea Treatments

This ancient Chinese technique places very thin needles in particular points of your body to treat various ailments. Acupuncture doesn’t just concentrate on your symptoms but your whole self. What makes acupuncture for amenorrhea so effective is that treatment can be personalized according to your particular condition, making it possible to find long term solutions.

Acupuncture – Ancient Chinese Treatment of Menstrual Irregularity

Research shows that acupuncture for amenorrhea can correct hormonal imbalances related to amenorrhea. Additionally, some studies reveal that acupuncture can encourage ovulation, as well.

Acupuncture has no side effects, and in the hands of a trained practitioner, it’ll not cause any bruising or bleeding. Acupuncture can also be combined with other amenorrhea treatments to increase the chances of positive results.

Herbal Remedies – One of the Most Effective Amenorrhea Treatments

Many people also resort to herbs for amenorrhea to treat their condition. There are a plethora of herbs for amenorrhea, and you’ll have to experiment with a few to find the right one for your condition.

Herbal treatments for absence of periods

Ginger, in particular, is a very promising remedy for menstrual problems. In a study of 92 women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, the consumption of ginger supplements was able to minimize the amount of blood lost. Along with other home remedies for amenorrhea, the consumption of ginger powder may be beneficial for your condition.

Herbal remedies are generally safe, but they may counteract with certain medications. You must talk to your doctor before you try these herbs for amenorrhea.

Homeopathy – #1 on the List of Amenorrhea Treatments

Homeopathy for amenorrhea can also provide effective relief. Homeopathy is a completely non-invasive and holistic approach that makes use of highly diluted forms of natural ingredients to treat various ailments. Prior to treatment, an exhaustive evaluation of your symptoms, as well as medical history, is initiated to get to the root of your problem. This makes homeopathy for amenorrhea very effective in providing permanent results.

Homeopathic Treatment for Women

Some homeopathy medicine for amenorrhea includes Sepia, Cimicifuga, Lycopodium Clavatum, Agnus Castus, Ferrum Metallicum, Aconite, and Pulsatilla. Depending on your specific symptoms, homeopathic remedies can be prepared.

Homeopathy doesn’t have any side effects and can be used in all age groups. In combination with other amenorrhea treatments, the results can be quite remarkable. Especially for women who don’t respond well to conventional treatments, homeopathy can be helpful.

Yoga – Poses used for Amenorrhea Treatment

Yoga can also prove to be helpful for amenorrhea. Several pieces of research show yoga to be effective for numerous menstrual problems. A 2013 study revealed that women who practiced yoga experienced a dip in their hormone levels related to irregular menstruation. Additionally, yoga can lower anxiety and depression and improve the overall quality of life for women with primary amenorrhea.

If you want to try yoga for your condition, make sure that you seek a qualified practitioner first. You should try the poses at home only after you’ve mastered them.

Yoga - amenorrhea treatments


If you suffer from amenorrhea, you don’t have to worry as it doesn’t cause any serious health problems. However, amenorrhea leads to infertility and fast aging and requires medical attention. Natural treatments for amenorrhea are effective and safe. It is as effective as hormone substitution treatment, without leading to any side effects. The above-mentioned natural amenorrhea treatments will prove to be effective. If you still don’t see any results, you must talk to your doctor as it can be an indication of something more serious. For your initial evaluation and holistic treatment of amenorrhea contact Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic and schedule your appointment with Dr. Tsan.