Stroke treatment by Dr Tsan

Stroke treatment

     Stroke treatment is an emergency situation. It is a serious threat to your life and wellbeing. The World Health Organization ranks stroke as one of the leading causes of disabilities in the world. The truth is, even if you survive a stroke attack, there is a huge probability that your life would not remain the same. This is because stroke can cause partial or total paralysis of the arms or legs, inability to speak well, reducing the function of your ability to perform simple daily tasks. These can in turn cause emotional problems such as depression. All these factors will work together to reduce the quality of life. This is because stroke affects one major organ in the body – the brain. The brain is responsible for your ability to think, speak, move, feel among a host of other things. Any injury to the brain will hinder the ability to live a normal life. After a stroke attack, it is important to get the best healthcare treatment to facilitate treatment for stroke.

Stroke Treatment

     Homeopathy can help improve your recovery of stroke significantly. We are going to talk more about homeopathy, but let’s first talk a little about stroke.

More about the treatment of stroke :

     Stroke is associated with trauma to the brain. This trauma is not usually from violent incidents like gunshot wounds or head injuries. Rather, the trauma to the brain in stroke comes from abnormalities in blood circulation in the brain.

     There are two types of stroke – ischaemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. An ischaemic stroke happens when blood vessels supplying nutrients and oxygen to the brain are blocked by blood clots in the blood vessels. Cells of the brain cannot do without oxygen for minutes. This lack of oxygen will damage brain cells which the blocked blood vessels supply. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs as a result of internal bleeding in blood vessels supplying the brain. This can cause a stroke by direct contact of blood to the brain (blood must not come in direct contact with the brain, it passes nutrient and oxygen to the brain through fluids in a barrier called the blood-brain barrier).

     Alternatively, the blood vessels may bleed out causing the reduced blood supply to the brain, hence, reduced oxygen. This would damage brain cells too. So, now that we know some of the mechanisms by which stroke happens, let’s talk about homeopathic remedies that can aid the effectiveness of the treatment of stroke.

Homeopathic remedies for stroke:

     It is important to know that the stroke treatment your homeopathic doctor will give you in your recovery of stroke will differ based on his analysis of you as a person and your condition. This is because homeopathic stroke treatment is more individualized – that is tailored to suit you as a person while also curing the disease you may be having. Some homeopathic drugs used for stroke treatment are:

Aconite: This is used to reduce emotional disturbances like panic, shock, and anxiety after a stroke attack.

Aurum muriaticum can help reduce blood pressure. In emergency situations, there is really no need to reduce blood pressure unless under some special circumstances where high blood pressure can be dangerous such as if the blood pressure is too high, or if the high blood pressure is causing dangerous complications in the brain.

Gelsemium helps treat numbness and paralysis caused by stroke attack. Taking this medication can help improve your motion range over time and improve your recovery from stroke significantly.

Baryta carbonica helps improve muscle strength and also helps strengthen the brain after a stroke attack.

Arnica (Arnica Montana) is very useful for chronic or subchronic stroke which are people who have had the effect of stroke for a couple of months. Its very good in treating hemiplegia which is paralysis on one side of the body.

Effectiveness of homeopathic treatment of stroke

     Well, not to talk too much about homeopathic remedies for stroke treatment, but let us take a look at a true-life case study of homeopathic remedies on stroke and brain injuries.

     A 70-year old woman, Eleanor having a hemorrhagic stroke, paralyzed completely on her left side and having pneumonia was referred to a homeopathic clinic by her sister. The woman has been in a hospital, but her sister did not trust conventional therapy in general and for stroke treatment particularly.

She was on Keflex and three other medications. On the 5th of May, 1998 – she had a CT scan and it showed a pool of blood on the right side of her brain which is quite logical since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.

She was placed on Arnica Montana which is ideal for her paralysis. Antimonium tartaricum was given for her pneumonia. Two days later, her pneumonia had subsided. She was placed on Carbo Vegetabilis 30c. 10 days later Eleanor had completely recovered from her pneumonia. By June 8, 1998, Eleanor was able to eat normally, though she was still having trouble with her speech. By June 29 a follow-up scan was done. The was complete resolution of the bleeding in her brain though she still had some issues moving. she was placed on Lachesis Mutus along with other medications to speed up the healing process.

     By the 12th of August 1998, she was able to walk without difficulties and the signs from her stroke were resolved. She even left a thank you note for the care given to her. You can read up more on the case along with other traumatic brain injury conditions that have been helped by homeopathy here:

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