Epilepsy – Holistic Treatment


Epilepsy seems to be getting more common today as there are increasing sufferers. With this dire need for help for this condition, it is expedient we make available the most efficient way of treating it.

Epilepsy is a disorder caused by surges in electrical signals present in the brain, which results in seizures occasionally. Seizures come in different ways, as there are different chronic neurological disorders. All result in a sudden change in the brain’s motor function due to the periodic electrical signal discharged in the brain.

Definition of Epilepsy

Seizures can be provoked or unprovoked, and to determine if a seizure is Epilepsy, there must be at least two unprovoked seizures. A provoked seizure is caused by specific bodily abnormalities such as trauma, low blood sodium, low blood sugar, drug abuse, high fever, drug abuse, and other human-induced factors. A febrile seizure is typical in infants; they outgrow it by age 6.


Causes of Epilepsy

Causes of epilepsy

Epilepsy’s cause cannot be ascertained but can be traced to the causes of seizures as this has given some clues to how to handle the disorder effectively. The leading cause is related to some form of injury to the brain as listed in the following incidence and brain conditions such as

– Brain tumors

–  Stroke or any other damage to the brain

–  Low oxygen during birth (asphyxia neonatorum)

– Abnormality in sodium or sugar levels, etc

– Viral/bacterial meningitis/encephalitis

– Head injuries during childhood or infancy or birth of the baby

Risk factors that can trigger seizures include excessive consumption of alcohol, inadequate or total lack of sleep, consumption of ecstasy drugs, interference of other drugs with seizure medication, and menses in women with Epilepsy.

Diagnosis of Epilepsy

Types of Seizures

The patient’s history plays a vital role in diagnosing Epilepsy irrespective of the treatment to be administered, whether conventional or homeopathy. Also, the patient goes through a clinical examination for symptoms that are classic variety in nature. On the other hand, in cases with singular or partial variety seizures, a CT scan, EEG (Electro-Encephalogram), or MRI scan can be used to investigate the unusual brain activity responsible for the seizure.

Homeopathy for Treatment of Epilepsy

Homeopathy offers an effective treatment for Epilepsy if well handled by an experienced homeopath. Due to the challenges involved, the homeopath must give attention to all details of the patient’s entire case history as it requires a detailed study.

homeopathic medicine for epilepsy

There is the need to establish if the patient is having Epilepsy or another kind of complication due to a head injury from childbirth. The ability to narrow down the cause makes other procedures much more comfortable to achieve. In case no reason can be found from external factors, the child’s conception will be given a closer look by looking at the mother’s history during pregnancy and the history peculiar to the family.

Homeopathy provides a holistic approach to the treatment of Epilepsy by treating the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the patient. When this is done, a reoccurrence of this condition becomes almost impossible because homeopathy takes care deep beyond the physical need. The homeopath provides the proper dosage to guarantee a gradual body adjustment to this treatment. It must not be sudden to avoid a disastrous scenario. The patient’s mind must also be prepared for the treatment and the drugs used.

For patients already on anti-epileptic drugs, it is necessary to gradually reduce the dosage of the drugs rather than a sudden stop. Over time, one can taper off the dosage, but the doctor must be consulted to plan this gradual withdrawal.

Homeopathy poses no risk or side effect to the patient as it is the safest treatment for Epilepsy. Homeopathic drugs do not hurt patients already on other conventional drugs used to treat Epilepsy. A gradual withdrawal will be recommended for the patient to get a lasting cure for Epilepsy using homeopathy.

Homeopathic Treatment for Seizures in Philadelphia

At the Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic, the medical practitioners led by Dr. Tsan treat epilepsy using a combination of acupuncture and homeopathy. Traditional Chinese Medicine, in general, and acupuncture are mainly known as effective and harmless treatment approaches for this ailment. Dr. Tsan has 40+ years of experience in homeopathy and acupuncture.

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