Homeopathic Treatment for Headaches vs Migraines

Headaches vs Migraines

Headaches vs Migraines – essential differentiation every physician should perform before prescribing treatment. Do you ever find yourself suffering from painful headaches or migraines? If so, then rest assured that you are certainly not alone. In today’s hectic and stressful world, headaches and migraines are sadly all too common. If you’re lucky, your headache will cause you pain and discomfort, leaving you tired and uncomfortable. If you suffer from severe headaches or migraines, though, this could leave you bedridden and unable to function.

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When people experience headaches or migraines, their usual go-to response is to pop a painkiller. While these drugs can work, they’re very bad for you and can cause nasty and unpleasant side effects. Today we will be looking at homeopathic remedies for headaches vs migraines. Both conditions can be treated naturally; we’ll list several homeopathic remedies below.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. It is described as a natural form of medicine, and it is utilized by more than 200 million people across the globe. It can be utilized to treat acute conditions as well as chronic conditions. Homeopathy has a holistic nature, meaning that each person treated with homeopathy is treated as a unique person rather than a particular disease, like how pharmaceutical companies treat people.


This means that the individual being treated via homeopathy has their mind, emotions, spirit, and body all considered when diagnosing and treating various illnesses and ailments. This allows the homeopath to select the best treatment for the individual based on their current state of health, healing ability, and of course, symptoms. So, rather than simply prescribing an artificial drug made in a lab and distributed en masse (in a group), a homeopath will look at the individual seeking treatment and determine the best natural treatment. That’s why, contrary to regular medicine, which will prescribe for headaches and migraines painkillers (Ibuprophen, Excedrin, etc.), a homeopath will first find the difference – headaches vs migraines.

Homeopathic remedies for headaches vs migraines

Now we will look at a few natural, tried, and tested homeopathic remedies for headaches.

Water – First up, we have water. Water is responsible for all life on earth and is essential for the optimal functioning of the mind, body, and soul. We need water for all physiological processes; our health suffers drastically. One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration. Being dehydrated can lead to tension headaches and migraines, so staying hydrated is essential. Studies have found that drinking water can help to ease the symptoms of headaches in as little as 30 minutes. Each day, aim to drink at least eight glasses of mineral water per day. Filtered water is also acceptable, though mineral is always best.

Belladonna Belladonna is one of the most popular ingredients used in homeopathy. Belladonna is a natural plant whose name translates to ‘beautiful lady.’ The leaf and the root of belladonna are both used in homeopathy and can be used to make medicines. This natural ingredient contains active compounds that block various nervous system functions, including natural responses to pain. Applying an ointment made from belladonna on and around the affected area will work wonders for people with headaches and light and noise sensitivity.

Ignatia Ignatia is another effective and common herbal homeopathic remedy for headaches that is particularly effective when used by people that are especially sensitive to the triggers and symptoms of headaches, people who are suffering from this headache more than any average person. Active Ignatia ingredient is extracted from seeds of the Strychnos ignatii – the tree from the Loganiaceae family, native to the Philippines and parts of China. Native to many parts of the Far East, this herbal remedy is especially useful for stress-related headaches or treating headaches caused by emotional distress. Ignatia can also be used to help treat anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as helping to ease feelings of grief.

Homeopathic remedies for migraines vs headaches

Now we will look at a few natural, tried, and tested homeopathic remedies for migraines.

If you’ve ever suffered from a migraine, you’ll know how painful and debilitating the condition can be. Migraines can make it impossible to function. Often a person suffering from a migraine must lie down, close their eyes in a dark room, and wait for the pain to subside. These natural homeopathic remedies have shown great promise when used to treat migraines:

Bryonia Bryonia is very effective when used by people suffering from migraines or ‘splitting’ headaches as they are known. Typically, these migraines manifest themselves in pain that begins over one eye, usually the left, before gradually spreading throughout the whole head. The root of the plant is usually used to make medicine. Migraines can often trigger feelings of sickness and nausea in the stomach; Bryonia is especially beneficial when used to treat digestive issues.

Sepia Sepia is another natural homeopathic ingredient that effectively treats headaches and migraines. Sepia is a plant that is especially beneficial when used by women for helping to ease menstrual cramps and headaches brought on by menstrual tension. Sepia has also been found to help lift spirits and promote happiness.

Cyclamen Cyclamen is the most typical representative of 23 plants of perennial flowers. The root and rhizome are used to make medicines and tinctures widely used in Homeopathy. The rhizome, by the way, is the underground stem. Cyclamen is especially beneficial when used to treat migraines which begin to manifest themselves in the form of flickering in the eyes, dizziness, and blurred or dulled-down vision. The pain usually affects the right side of the head and can also hurt the ear. Those that respond best to Cyclamen are sympathetic and in touch with their emotions. When inhaled, it has also been found to help drain the sinuses and loosen mucus, making it a very effective treatment for sinusitis.

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