Thyroid Disorders: Homeopathic Treatment

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid disorders are successfully treated with homeopathic remedies all over the world. Homeopathy is unique in its approach to offering treatments for ailments. Homeopathy treatment for a particular disease in a patient differs from the treatment administered to another patient with a similar illness. Homeopathy has no general treatment or specific remedy for specific diseases.

thyroid disorders

Homeopathy offers individualized treatment. Homeopaths look not only into the symptoms of a disease but also into the constitution and disposition of the patient. To complete this evaluation, it is important to consider the patient’s physical, mental, and emotional health and the symptoms they display.

After considering all these factors, unique remedies for each patient are prescribed using the results of the evaluation done on the patient. Due to the uniqueness of each, it is evident that no two people can be the same, so two patients suffering from the same disease will have different sets of remedies administered to them.

What are thyroid disorders?

When compared to the precise amount the body needs for metabolism, thyroid hormone production is either excessive or insufficient, which results in thyroid disorders. The two major hormones produced are thyroxine T4 and triiodothyronine T3.

Homeopathy is more efficient than conventional treatment in correcting these disorders because the hormones are pivotal to metabolism in the body, and homeopathy helps bring about more potent constitutional changes in the entire body.

Hyperthyroidism results from excessive production of T3 and T4 by the thyroid above that which the body needs. As a result, the body experiences excessive metabolism, which manifests as symptoms like anxiety, irritability, tremors, excessive sweating, increased heartbeats, weight loss, hair loss, and difficulty sleeping.

Hypothyroidism, on the other hand, is the opposite medical condition in which the thyroid produces less T3 and T4 than the amount required for optimal metabolism. This condition brings about symptoms such as parched skin, hair loss, lethargy, memory loss, muscle aches, slow heartbeats, depression, poor mental focus, and sensitivity to colds.

Both conditions pose a serious threat to a person’s health, and they require urgent attention, especially the silent ones such as subclinical hypothyroidism.

Homeopathic Determination of Causes and Treatment

Homeopathy tends to know the cause of thyroid disorders in a bid to find the perfect treatment that will correct the anomaly in the body system. This makes homeopathy different from other forms of treatment. Many factors can be responsible for thyroid disorders. Among them are thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, and Hashimoto’s disease.

For instance, the inflammation of the thyroid gland is the root cause of hyperthyroidism. The immune system assumes the cells of the thyroid gland are foreign bodies, causing attacks and leading to the inflammation of the thyroid gland, known as goiter. Goiter results from an overactive thyroid gland producing more than enough T3 and T4.

In the case of hypothyroidism, the autoimmune attack can also be responsible for an attack on the tissue of the gland. Hashimoto’s disease is responsible for hypothyroidism in this instance. Other factors that may cause hypothyroidism include advancement in age due to a drop in the efficiency of the thyroid gland. This is more experienced by women.

Homeopathy is a suitable treatment for different forms of thyroid disorders, as it focuses on the root to find a lasting cure for the condition. Conventional treatment sometimes does more harm than is intended. For instance, surgical removal of some tissue mass from the thyroid gland due to inflammation sometimes goes out of hand. Also, the application of radioactive iodine may destroy hormone-producing cells, contrary to what was intended at the procedure’s inception.

Homeopathy offers a safe and natural cure for thyroid disorders, free of side effects. Homeopathy also considers the peculiarities of each patient to determine the specific remedies that will correct the cause of the disorder. Even though the treatment may be prolonged to help the body stimulate natural healing, it is safer in the long run. Homeopathy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities by evaluating the physical, emotional, and mental components of the patient’s makeup to bring about a perfect recovery for the patient.

Thyroid Disorders Treatment in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic houses a team of medical professionals working under the supervision of Dr. Tsan. We combine homeopathic medicine and acupuncture procedures to treat thyroid disorders. This natural approach appeared to be more effective than regular hormone replacement therapy used by Western medicine.

To schedule a Homeopathic Evaluation and discuss your medical condition and optimal treatment with Dr. Tsan, contact our clinic at (267) 403-3085 or use our online scheduling system.