Homeopathic Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of the most widely known forms of addiction. One of the reasons many people easily get addicted to drugs is that most of these drugs make people “happy” or in more common terms “high”. Medically this state of “highness” is called euphoria. Drugs basically mess around with chemicals in the brain like dopamine and some of the brain’s receptors for pain and happiness which include some opioid receptors. This is what gives that state of being high. However, there are some drawbacks to the happiness a substance of abuse gives you. Your happiness so to say is conditional. Once addicted to a drug you only remain happy as long as you are on that drug. Any attempt to discontinue that drug will lead to immense discomfort and sadness which originate from chemical Drug Addictionimbalances in the brain. This state of sadness is called dysphoria medically. This is one major reason first-time users of a drug of abuse want to use it again and again. This is one of the things drug peddlers take advantage of when marketing their “merchandise” to potential addicts. Another condition is that after a while you will need to take more of the same drugs to get the same effects. This is medically called tolerance. This means that if you want to remain high, you will need to keep taking more and more of these drugs to achieve this. This will most likely continue until you take a dangerously high level of these drugs which can kill you. This is when addicts start facing problems. Most addicts know they are “hooked” on these drugs and look for a way to get out of it. However, they find out that they are trapped because they just cannot get out whenever they want. With a trail of dysfunctional relationships, unhealthy lifestyles, financial hardships due to the fact that they spend most of what they earn on drugs and the possibility of dying of an overdose (because many of them have friends that have died of overdose), they know it is just a matter of time before things get really bad. They want out but they can’t get out. This is where homeopathic medicines for Drug addiction may help. They are a very good option when used in combination with other treatments like conventional medicine or alternative medicine like acupuncture and hypnosis.

Why people cannot get out of Drug addictions:

Drug addiction also known as drug dependency is a condition where a person is obsessed with using a drug or drugs of abuse. Some drugs of abuse include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), LSD, morphine, marijuana and so on. It is possible to take heroin without becoming an addict, however, a person who is addicted to a drug cannot do without it. At a point, all other things including family, jobs, relationships, businesses, children and so on becoming a secondary priority and drugs become the person’s primary priority. This misplaced priority destroys the person’s relationships and jobs. However, the person cannot do without drugs. The reason is that the person becomes obsessed with drugs. The person cannot think properly without using the drug. The person does not feel happy if he/she cannot get the drug. This manifests as what we call withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, aggression, inability to think straight and so on. This is called psychological addiction. His/her body can also get physically addicted to the drugs. There can be chemical imbalances in the body if the person does not take the drug, he/she is addicted to. This can lead to vomiting, nausea, trembling, changes in eating habits (people taking meth tend to eat less because meth makes you lose appetite), which are also withdrawal symptoms. In addition to this, the person will progressively need more of the drugs to get the same effects. People will do anything to stay happy and no one likes unpleasant experiences. This is why people find it difficult to get out of addictions. We will tell you some homeopathic medicines that can help you get out of Drug addiction in the next section.

Homeopathic medicines for Drug addiction:

Homeopathic medicines can be taken to improve withdrawal symptoms so that it becomes easier to keep off drugs and hence easier to undergo the detoxification process of withdrawal from drugs. The type of homeopathic medicine that you need to tackle Drug addictions will depend on your case. You will need an expert to analyze what you are going to and the cause of your addictions in order to give you the correct homeopathic medicines for you. Also, the severity of addiction will also be assessed and the expert will decide which of the homeopathic medicines will work best for you. However, we will give you some of the common homeopathic medicines that may be given in cases of addiction.

Avana Sativa: people with Drug addiction have to be detoxified by keeping them away from the drugs. This will cause withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and insomnia which makes it difficult for people to effectively withdraw from the drugs. Avana Sativa is used effectively to treat withdrawal symptoms from drugs like heroin, cocaine, cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol. It is especially good for insomnia due to withdrawal from alcohol or drugs.

Nux vomica: This is good for treating physical withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting and bowel disturbances. It can also be used in cases where the patient is having vertigo or is complaining of feeling intoxicated.

Opium: this is used to treat lethargy from withdrawal from heroin. Some of the symptoms are heavy drowsiness, sweating, noisy labored breathing (due to partially blocked airways – medically called apnea), hot flashes and gradual loss of consciousness. A similar practice is done in conventional medicine where small doses of morphine or naltrexone (a derivative of morphine that partially inhibits the effects of opioids in the body) are used to stop these symptoms.

Coffee: this is very good in conditions where the patient finds it difficult to sleep and is overactive due to hyperactivity of the brain. This is common in people addicted to crystal meth.

Hyoscyamus: this is very useful in treating hallucinations, delirium, delusions and abnormal behaviors from drugs and alcohol intoxication.

Sulphuricum Acidum: patients having hot flushes, trembling, sweating, tinnitus, nausea and vomiting may benefit from the use of this homeopathic medicine for Drug addiction. It is good for people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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