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Homeopathic treatment for alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is the second most common form of addictions after smoking.

Kelly is a waitress at a popular restaurant in a small town. She grew up in downtown Detroit. Growing up, she lived in a small apartment with her parents in a ghetto area. Her dad and mum were a dysfunctional couple. Her mum was into drugs and so had little time for her. Her dad, on the other hand, was not always at home, and when he was at home, he would beat her and her mum at the slightest provocation. There was not much money in the family and her mum used the little money she made on drugs. So, at an early age of 9 Kelly had to start fending for herself. She was raped by a group of street thugs when she was 14. By the time she was 16, she was suffering from severe depression. In an attempt to cheer her up her older friends took her to parties where she would drink as much as she wants. Although she was not old enough to drink, she did not care. She soon found out that drinking alcohol gave her a temporal relief from her depression. Now, she is 26 years old, she is worried about her alcoholism. She has gotten so used to alcohol she just cannot do without it. She could down five bottles of vodka in one sitting. She has lost four jobs because of her underperformance. She was fired once because she went drunk to work. She has been arrested twice for driving under the influence. Her friends are beginning to get worried about her drinking habits. She has never been able to get into a stable romantic relationship because most men leave her as soon as they find out that her relationship with them is secondary to her relationship with alcohol. She wants to quit now but she just can’t. This is because she finds it difficult to remain sober. If she does not take alcohol for a day, she starts to feel depressed, irritable, anxious, unable to sleep and she starts to tremble. She has been to rehab twice and she is getting desperate because she feels she is running out of options.

Kelly’s case is a case of alcohol dependency otherwise known as addiction. We are going to discuss a bit about what alcohol addiction is, causes of addiction and how homeopathic medicines for addiction to alcohol can help you out.

A bit on alcohol addiction:

Alcohol addiction is a disorder where a person finds it difficult to do without alcohol. It is more like an obsession with the tendency to overindulge in alcohol. Alcohol addiction can be physical, psychological or both. Kelly was showing signs of psychological dependence on Alcohol Addictionalcohol because she was taking alcohol to get away from her depression. She was also having anxiety and anger when she was not on alcohol. In addition to that, her cravings for alcohol made it difficult for her to stop taking it though she has attempted to quit twice. She was also showing physical signs because she starts to tremble and finds it difficult to sleep when she is not drunk. Addiction can cause problems in relationships and jobs. Kelly finds it difficult to keep a job or remain in a stable relationship due to her addiction to alcohol. Her friends are even getting worried about her issues with alcohol.

Alcohol addiction can be caused by many things such as upbringing, childhood traumas, a low threshold for handling problems, loneliness, physical or emotional abuse, biochemical imbalances in the body and other factors. Kelly had a traumatic childhood. She was physically abused by her dad and emotionally abused by the distance of her mum. She also hung out with friends who introduced her to alcohol at an early age. For Kelly, a combination of childhood trauma, depression, upbringing, physical and emotional abuse caused Kelly’s addiction to alcohol. Kelly drinks lots of alcohol in order to escape from all these problems.

Homeopathic medicines for alcoholism

Just like Kelly, many addicts actually want to stop but find it difficult to stop. In order to stop alcohol addiction, you will have to physically detox yourself by stopping alcohol and retrain your mind to stop the cravings. However, detoxing is not easy as addicts experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they try to remain sober. So, while detoxing people by keeping them away from alcohol, they may need to take some medications which will help them reduce their cravings and reduce other withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, nausea, insomnia and so on. Homeopathic medicine can help you out with that. We will give you some homeopathic medicines that can help you dependent on the symptoms.

Nux vomica: this is good for people who are in the early stages of addiction. It is one of the best-known homeopathic medicine for addiction to alcohol. It shows very fast relief of withdrawal symptoms. The effectiveness is seen within just a month of use.

Natrum Mur: this helps cellular production and regulation, it is useful in people with chronic alcoholism in addition to depression. This medicine would be of great benefit in addition to other homeopathic medicines for someone like Kelly.

Avena Sativa: is a very healthy medicine to consume. It helps to relax the senses of the body and calm nervousness.

Sulfur and crocus: are used to resolve or prevent damages to the liver. Alcohol can damage the liver causing fatty liver disease or liver cirrhosis. Sulfur or crocus are useful for preventing this liver damage. Sulfur can also reduce cravings for alcohol.

Arsenicum: can help reduce withdrawal symptoms for alcohol addiction like nervousness and so on. This would make it easier abstain from alcohol. This treatment can also be useful for someone like Kelly because she feels nervous anytime she tries to remain sober.

As with conventional medicines, it is good to get expert assistance from a homeopathic medicine practitioner in order to get a more individualized and holistic treatment for your alcohol addiction. We have just listed some homeopathic medicines for addiction to alcohol, there are other medicines which are effective for alcohol addiction. You can contact us for more information on dealing with alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction treatment in Philadelphia

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