HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE FOR WEIGHT LOSS / WEIGHT LOSS HOMEOPATHY – what do you know about this treatment? First let’s see some history of obesity, causes, and complications.

With 101 million women and 102 million men seen the rush in obesity, it had 1.3 percent of the global Homeopathy for Weight Lossobese population and 0.4 million obese men in 1975, but when it comes to talking about 2014, it gets into the fifth position with 3.7 percent of the global population or 9.8 million obese men. India has crossed to the third rank among women with 5.3 percent of the worldwide population (20 million obese women) arising in 1975 from the 13th rank and 2015/16 the 5th rank for both women and men.


The intake of more food is needed for the production of the required energy for the normal activities of the body. The extra products of digestion are assembled in the tissues as a fat;

  • Obesity is because of eating more fat and nutritional disorder joined in the subcutaneous tissue;
  • Obesity results when an individual stops physical work and take more sleep and rest after enjoying heavy meals during the daytime;
  • It results from increased flatulent food like pulses, rice, beans, potatoes, fat, eggs, and fatty food;
  • In some of the cases, it is shifted from parents to the children
  • It also exists after the surgical operation in the body or after frequent abortions and deliveries;
  • In the metabolic deficiency, the breakdown of fat, sugar, and protein is reduced, and most of the digested food is present in the body’ tissues.

Obesity exhibits multiple complications when any disorder is associated with it. The diseases occur due to obesity are as follows:

  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Different types of cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Hepatic steatosis
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Lung function impaired
  • Endocrine abnormalities
  • Skin diseases
  • Complications during pregnancy


Weight Loss Homeopathy is the best treatment for the management of all the signs and symptoms of weight gain or obesity. It plays an essential role in the prevention of relapse of the condition.

The homeopathic medicines are prescribed by the doctor depending on the genetic, emotional and physical makeup that each person has its individual. This approach framing the mind, as well as body, works at the base level.

The Weight Loss Homeopathy treatments can make you feel like a new individual by making you free of obesity. This treatment is without side-effects, gentle, safe, and natural. The other impressive thing about the homeopathy is that individuals that are on different medication can take homeopathic medicines safely. Homeopathic drugs have no addictive characteristics and are non-habit forming.

No disease has a magical cure, and it is the same for obesity. Most of the notable solutions for weight loss focus on behavioral changes, exercise, and diet are more significant than the medications for weight loss. When you select a herbal weight loss or natural weight loss, it is necessary to stick to a healthy and strict diet along with the herb or remedy.


There are an adequate amount of minerals, vitamins, and proteins in a balanced diet. When the body weight achieves the standard level according to your height, the maintenance diets sufficient in mineral vitamins and proteins for weight can be taken to keep the weight fixed, i.e., 1700 kilo Cal to 1800 kilo Cal. Hence the regular diet should constitute a balanced amount of pulses, cereals, green leafy vegetable, roots, other vegetables, milk, fruits, oils and fats, groundnut, jaggery, and sugar.


To meet this goal, take 500 to 1000 fewer calories than you take regularly. For instance, if you eat 2500 calories in a day for maintaining your present weight, eating 1,500 calories regularly will assist you in shedding about every week. If your regular intake is 2000 calories in a day, 1500 calorie meal plan will decrease in losing one pound in a week.


You need to shed 500 calories in a day if you want to lose 1 pound of fat in a week. There are two methods for creating that deficit, move more and eat less. It can be challenging to do.

  • Green vegetables and fruits are foods of low calorie, so the overweight people use these more often
  • The individual should not take excess salt. Salt is a factor for increasing the weight o the body
  • Butter and cheese, the milk products can never be considered as they have high contents of fat. It is necessary to avoid non-vegetarian food and meat
  • Spices like the black pepper, cinnamon, and dry ginger are great for weight loss, and they are used in a variety of ways.
  • Karela or bitter gourd and bitter drumstick are helpful for weight loss
  • An excellent home remedy for obesity is taking honey. It helps in the mobilization of the extra deposited fat in the body and places it into the circulation that is used as a source of energy for normal functioning. A person should initiate with small quantities of about 10 GMs or a tablespoon full to be involved with hot water. Taking it early in the morning is beneficial. You can also add fresh lemon juice.
  • Cabbage is the best and practical solutions for weight loss. This vegetable stops converting the carbohydrate and sugar into the fat. However, it is of essential value in the reduction of weight. It can be taken cooked or raw.
  • Exercise plays a vital role in weight reducing plan. It assists in using up the calorie stored in the body as fat. It releases the tensions, and it helps in toning up the body’s muscles. The best exercise to begin is walking, and you can also prefer rowing, swimming, and running.
  • For weight reduction, lime juice is excellent. Take a glass of warm water and mi in it juice of a lime and add some honey every morning without eating everything.

Measure the parts of your food every time and make sure that you are taking small portions. For instance, a portion of rice cannot be more than the quantity that can fit in the fist. Small intervals taken from 4 to 5 hours will prevent your body from the conversion of food you bring into fat and keep the metabolism high. Involve some regular exercise into your routine to assist in enhancing weight reduction.

WEIGHT LOSS HOMEOPATHY is not a substitute for exercise and diet, but it is suggested to augment weight loss by addressing the fundamental problems that can lead to further progress. The below-mentioned preparations are prescribed for weight loss by homeopaths, depend on the constitutional type of a person that takes the physical characteristics and personality of a person into account. This guideline can assist you in choosing the right formula to help you in efforts for weight loss.


It is prescribed for the individuals who have a low metabolism and carry extra fat in the abdomen, results in obesity.

They tend to be more obese around the waist and sensitive to cold temperatures. These people are always constipated due to slow metabolic activity. Calcarea Carbonica is best to use if the extra weight gain is because of thyroid problems, and can be beneficial in decreasing the weight gain during the pregnancy.


As compared to other parts of the body, when there is a high amount of fat in the buttocks and thighs, Natrum Mur is recommended. If the person has achieved high weight due to continuous depression or stress, it can be productive. The significant symptoms involve excess heat in the body of the person. It is best for people who suffer from anemia and have excess extra salt in their diet.


It is included in the most productive homeopathic remedies for weight loss especially fat. When the buttock and thighs have excess fat, it is mainly used. The people who are chronic sufferers of gastric issues like constipation and flatulence can get also get benefit from Lycopodium.


If sedentary habits lead to excess weight, Nux Vomica is highly suggested. People who suffer from constipation can also get benefit from this medicine. They like fatty food, spicy food, and stimulants like alcoholic drinks and coffee.


This homeopathic medicine is best for weight loss when depression has resulted in gaining weight and obesity. It is excellent for those who eat excess due to loneliness and lead to gaining weight. They have a fluctuating mood that often changes from happiness to sadness and from tears to laughter.


Graphites, made from carbon, is best to use for losing weight in women who have excess weight because of menopause or perimenopause due to changes in the hormone.

Hence, this is all about WEIGHT LOSS HOMEOPATHY, and the medications as mentioned above can assist in losing weight, as well as these, are helpful for some other disorders.

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