Homeopathic Medicine for Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes treatment is very important. Diabetes mellitus speak of a set of ailments that have an impact on the use of glucose by the organism. Glucose is the essential ingredient for a human’s well-being. It is the largest source of energy for the cells that build different forms of tissues as well as for the brain

Homeopathic Medicine for DiabetesThe individual that suffers from diabetes (regardless of type) has a higher than average concentration of glucose in the bloodstream that may result in serious health issues.

Type 1 and type 2 represent chronic conditions that, in most cases, require hormone replacement therapy (injections of insulin). Prediabetes, on the other hand, is a theoretically revocable change in insulin production when the concentration of the blood sugar is above normal limits but below the point that is considered pathologically high.  Another form of the so-called reversible diabetic condition is gestational diabetes, which is well-known in the obstetric clinic because it happens during pregnancy and gets healed by itself after delivery.

Type-1 diabetes

Type-1, also known as “juvenile diabetes,” is the form of insulin-dependent disease. The body system of patients with Type-1 diabetes cannot fabricate insulin, which is responsible for converting the carbs from the food into energy. Type-1 diabetes takes place more often in youngsters and grown young persons and represents merely 5-10% of all diabetes sufferers in the US.

Type-2 diabetes

Type-2 occurs when the pancreas can synthesize insulin; however, the created and supplied to the system insulin is imperfect. In other words, the fabricated by the pancreas insulin is not high enough to digest and convert all carbs in the bloodstream into a source of energy. Very often, patients with Type-2 diabetes need no additional insulin, and their condition requires just some diet limitations and daily exercise.  

Type-2 diabetes represents 90-95% of all cases of this disease in the USA. Approximately 30% of people with Type-2 diabetes are unaware of this illness and consider themselves healthy.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic medical condition related to anomalies in the organism’s aptitude to digest glucose and convert it to a source of energy.

The main symptoms of Diabetes are:

  • Raised level of glucose in the bloodstream,
  • Dryness of mouth, gums, throat,
  • Often urination,
  • Fuzzy, unclear vision,
  • Bad temper,
  • Signs of neuropathy in hands and feet (tackling, lack of feeling),
  • Slow healing of simple wounds,
  • Repeated Candida and yeast infections.

Both inherited, and ecological factors may lead to diabetes development and advancement.

To summarize everything, a high level of blood sugar occurs either if the pancreas is unable to produce the appropriate amount of insulin or when synthesized insulin is unable to perform its physiological functions.

This disease is frequently mute and could exist for an extended time without causing any symptoms. In this article, we will go a bit more specific about Homeopathy For Diabetes.

Homeopathy for diabetes treatment

As we have mentioned earlier, at the Philadelphia Homeopathy clinic, we have homeopathic medicine for diabetes. If you are wondering why you should try homeopathy for diabetes treatment, Let’s give you some reasons. An analysis of the records of people in Hong Kong who are using a treatment for diabetes showed something interesting. It showed that most patients on single anti-diabetic pills fail to maintain normal blood sugar levels in the long run. Even those who used combination therapy had some problems. The medications are quite expensive, and then many of them do not achieve complete control of their blood sugar. This may be because the patients may not adhere properly to the dieting guidelines.

However, they found out that in most cases, diabetes usually just gets worse regardless of oral medications when they are on these meds for a long period. Soon, they find themselves dependent on insulin. This indicates that oral anti-diabetic pills usually work in the short run. Still, if you do not address the main issues causing your diabetes, your diabetes will worsen over time regardless of your use of the pills. The pills mostly just slow down the progress of the disease but do not stop it most of the time. This result is not just limited to Hong Kong, but we would not be surprised if it is the same in other parts of the world. Or if you are currently experiencing the same thing. A study by Ka Lun Aaron To et al. in 2017 titled Individualized homeopathic treatment in addition to conventional treatment in type II diabetic patients in Hong Kong – a retrospective cohort study, found that using individualized homeopathic therapy as we do here at Philadelphia Homeopathic clinic in combination with orthodox medicine yielded better results after one year of use. You can check us out at the Philadelphia Homeopathic clinic for more information on our services.

Homeopathic remedies for diabetes treatment.

Uranium nitrate. [Uran] 
This element is acclaimed highly in the forms of diabetes originating in digestive disorders. Symptoms of Uranium nitrate include:

  • polyuria,
  • abnormally great thirst,
  • aridness of the tongue, gums, throat, and skin,
  • glycosuria,
  • faulty ingestion,
  • indolence, sleepiness, “laziness,”
  • weakness,
  • the vast desire for food

Uran diminishes the glucose level and amount of urine.

Many homeopaths recommend this remedy in 3X dilution.

Syzygium Jambolanum is another homeopathic medicine capable of lessening glucose concentration in urine. I always use this medication in either a strong tincture or the lowest triturations (X1, X3, X6). However, some of my colleagues report successful results from C30 and even C200.

Also, in a few clinical cases, a curing result has been announced; however, from my point of view, Syzygium is not a trustworthy medicine, and I use it only for therapeutic, palliative purposes.

Phosphoric acid [Phos] links to Type-2 disease of the emotional starting point (severe chronic stress, surviving scary moments, chronic anxiety, and depression). In cases similar to Phosphoric Acid, the quantity of urine is significantly greater than normal, and the urine contains a lot of sugar. The urine looks milky. Phosphoric Acid covers clinical diabetes cases when the diseases originated due to sorrow, apprehension, and fretfulness in those indifferent, dispirited, and experiencing a deficiency in spiritual and corporeal energy.

It is indisputable that Type-2 diabetes is curative in the primary phases.

Symptoms of the disease that make homeopathic physicians choose Phosphoric Acid are:

  • appetite decrease,
  • voracious need for liquids,
  • boils on the skin,
  • massive amounts of light neutral urine,
  • phosphoric deposit in the urine.

Phosphorus [Phos] 
This remedy is useful in diabetes and other pancreatic disorders. Any problems related to the pancreas should always remind the homeopath about Phosphorus.

Natrum sulphuricum links to the “hydrogenoid” constitution, which is described as a superfluous Hydrogen and, as a result, excess water in the bloodstream and tissues. Paradoxically, at the same time, Hydrogenoid patients report dryness in the mouth, gums, tongue, and throat.

Arsenicum album is the number one remedy for diabetic thirst, significant weight loss (skinniness), and even gangrene. Abrupt, impulsive, and thrilling dryness of the tongue and gums, along with significant physical restiveness, also call to Arsenicum. All these symptoms are often accompanied by dark watery fecal matter.

Bryonia [Bry] is another optional remedy for diabetes.
No other homeopathic remedies have aridity of the lips as the main symptom that is often manifesting diabetes.

Other symptoms of Bryonia are:

  • tenacious bitter taste,
  • the patient is unenergetic, depressed, and discouraged,
  • thirst is not thrilling, but constant
  •  a significant decrease in appetite,
  • the individual may lose physical energy because of low appetite.

There are many more homeopathic remedies that can heal and, in most cases, cure this disorder. The main rule of homeopathy, “Like cures Like,” is what physicians should keep in mind when choosing the right homeopathic medicine.

Diabetes treatment in Philadelphia

At Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic, medical director and internationally recognized homeopathic practitioner Dr. Tsan have long academic and clinical experience in treating different forms of this disease. The best advice he can give to Type-2 sufferers: “If you are diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes, if you aren’t taking insulin yet if you believe in homeopathic medicine – call Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic (267) 403-3085 to schedule your first visit for evaluation and treatment. We may be able to help you. Type-2 Diabetes is curable if caught in the early stages.”